I’ve Just Thought



Ok recap. I’ve moved house, been here 10 months. My friend died and left me some cash Sad smile so I thank her for once in my life money worries don’t exist which is priceless thank you my friend.


I’ve realised I am pretty lucky, ain’t no shit happening, well apart from me Norman. He’s still a twat but Rome wasn’t built in a day apparently.


It more and more increasingly worries me that on meeting people, you first get a list of ailments and medication taken before anything else. I don’t believe pills can cure anyone. The other day I heard a conversation about assisted suicide for people with mental health issues. No no no no no…………………


We have still not fed the world and we are bordering on world war 3 oh and America is currently wet and there’s a lot of idiots there fighting one another. I have a garden, a lot of green tomatoes and a big tree which is pondering when it’s gonna shed every leaf into my garden.


I’ve got 2 pussies, so I can now be legit when I say I’m sat on the sofa stroking my pussy ohhh and on wet days there’s nothing like a moist pussy Smile


So life is good, the neglected plant still hangs in the bathroom.


Random Observations

Sometimes it’s wonderful to have a big joint. Just sit back n just think fuck it. It seems like life’s going into slow motion and everything seems to take forever, except your minds flying round a million miles an hour and it thinks the most random shite possible. Or could it just be that I need to rant. I’m hormonal and it’s full moon so beware.


Yesterday I had random hot sex with the fit man for the first time in ages, why do I always give in to him. I guess cos he does it for me and he’s so funny in a good way it’s unreal, quite missed feeling that way to be fair, good to feel that way again. I’ve known him since 2008, been seeing him on and off all that time and as someone said shit thats a good relationship!


Politics that’s winding me up. Nobody is coming up with any real facts that anyone can understand. I think it’s time for a change cos lets face it, it’s not right and we need something drastic to mix it up some. Nobody can possibly know what will happen but the world is not going to end. I never used to pay the slightest attention to politics, now it’s the best comedy on TV. One day I’m sure I’ll just stop giving a fuck about it, one day it won’t matter cos I’ll either be too old to care or dead.


Mass media mourning. Is there a pattern forming as yet of my gripes. I love the net, I so broadens my horizons, gives my mind something to do whenever I choose. Most of the time to be fair I can’t be arsed. While it is sad when someone dies, I really ain’t much bothered at all unless it’s someone dear to me. What difference does it make now once someone is dead. I’ll hear the songs or films or whatever and think cracking but I won’t miss them at all. I can roll back this media and appreciate stuff anytime anyplace anywhere. Music is the soundtrack to my life, world events, people, places, smells and sights. Music is amazing in so many ways, most doesn’t touch your soul but when you find one it’s the best. Almost every day now some fuckers dying, dropping like flies folk are, and……………………… Quit stressing about it all, it’s stressing me seeing all the stupid ass shit folk do. Life’s hard enough with your own shit to deal with!


Beards. Hmmmmmm……. Well it seems the older I get the more amazing my beard becomes, all this hormonal shit going on. My mother said hers were done at 52, YES! I’m hoping I ain’t got long left. I go to bed and the next day up’s sprung a beard. It’s worse when you’re out and youre checking for em, natters my life if I find one and I’m out, I itch to get back home and get it.


Teeth……….. Now my top list of things I do when I get in my house as fast as possible consists of two things. 1 is obviously the same, getting my bra off asap when i get in. I have a number 2 now. Getting my friggin teeth out. They’re the best thing for a diet! If I had to really push for a no3 then that would be to have a wee.


The suns been out this week, I seem to be participating in things outdoors more, I’m gonna draw the line at a tan cos the sun ain’t good for you and if the council moan about my garden this year they can fuck right off Smile


Reality Shows

Aren’t they a bag of shite! It’s just show offs. Not one single persons life is like any of these reality shows. If I had my very own reality show on tv, there would be endless hours of me sat in my chair doing fuck all, watching telly, smoking a joint, supping coffee, whatever I’m doing at the time in my chair and in my jamas, but mine’s clean apart from the bits of dinner I sometimes spill.  I’m not gonna be looking for non stop drama to cause a scene just to show off. I ain’t got the energy for none of that shit.


I’d be crap at it. Sometimes really pisses me off to have to move from my chair. Usually when someone else’s life ain’t working to my timetable. I like to be mundane, less shit to deal with. There wouldn’t be much talking going on, only me talking to the telly, hmmmmm yes I do talk to my telly, least it’s not myself as yet cos that would mean I’d totally lost is. I mean what is with this talking to yourself shit all about? I do at time’s tell myself off out loud, the odd dim bitch in there you know.


Mostly my mind just boggles. I do have a life mind, it’s rather entertaining at times. That’s only when people leave me alone Smile. By that I most probably mean not making problems for me to sort out. Don’t wind me up, I don’t wanna know it’s not my problem. I’ve a lot of those of my own at present to deal with so fuck off! Oh I’d say it sweetly mind and bat my eyelids a bit Smile Then I’d be forced to tell you off for fuckin winding me up.


Life’s ticking along. There’s not enough room here I don’t think for me to write down everything that winds me up. I’d look like a right miserable bastard grins. Everything at times winds me up, then sometimes nothing, go figure.

Quite Amazing

Quite amazes me what people find to write about on here, there’s a vast wealth, millions of souls, all wanting their voice to be heard on a vast range of subjects. Seriously many of them need to quit thinking the way they do, it’s not all about you, no you ain’t any more special than anyone else and it seems from what I read you are far from happy with your lot.


Last night I went out to a friends house, mostly their family their and me being a rather solitary soul found it rather awkward at times, specially when you get that one that gives you their life story in 60 seconds, then proceeds to tell you over n over until you just think shut the fuck up now Smile


Guess we all love a good bitch about the injustices in this life we have to live. It’s a good job we don’t know what is gonna happen as we wander along ain’t it. I’m sure most of us would run and hide under the nearest rock and refuse to emerge any time soon.


Oh Happy New Year! Almost forgot that chuckles. The last one wasn’t overly bad as it goes, lost a dear friend to drink but other than that. I’ve still on going shit to deal with on the Norman front but it will all be ok.


Guess I have learnt over the years quite a lot, this journey started for me on the loss of my children and the inability to open up to anyone about how I was feeling on the inside. Obviously much catalogued here along the way. Writing is theraputic in many cases. It also is rather entertaining and amusing too grins. It helped me a lot as too have the people who have crossed my path as a result of it.


I don’t use fancy big words cos I don’t know what they mean. Why on earth would I want to come out with some of the piffle a lot of folk spout in a vain attempt to look clever. Life sucks much, throws way too much shit at ya as you go along. Sometimes you get stuck, don’t matter how clever you are then does it.


Here’s hoping this year ain’t gonna be overly bad too. Bright Blessings to you all from me Smile


Continuing to follow the ancient art of fuckit into 2016




Over Sociable

I am so glad this week is over, be even happier when next weeks is too. Being sociable is such hard work. Ive spent way too much time at work this week, will next week too. Being sociable just don’t do it for me, some folk never fuckin shurrup, then there’s those who ask stupid questions, you know the one lol. Along the lines of Norman says mum I know you’ll say no but…………… Erm


It’s Christmas again! Do you believe that almost a year as passed! I might tell Norman I’ve spent his christmas money on the gas bill, just to wind him up a bit Smile


I’ve decided not to hoover up, looks like a farm yard but me mother is coming tomorrow, with the scabby dog so it’s pointless cleaning up for em to come make me a shit hole, be nut shells shot across the floor, sweet wrappers, she’s insulin diabetic too so go figure. Place will be a tip, oh she’ll sling the ashtray on the floor too Smile Ain’t the familiar just great lol. I better not be awake at dawns crack either, i so wont be impressed if I am! This morning 4 am the clock goes off, I hear it and all I can think is




I’m so not used to getting up at that silly o’clock hour. I’m dying to go bed but if I do I will be up at silly oclock. I ain’t had a nap in ages aghhhhhhhh.


Oh it’s gonna be full moon too, I’m rather calm. I actually just want some peace.



Merry Christmas folks xxx